About Us

Enterprises Limited was established in 1978 and has since been importing and distributing quality cosmetics, make-up, hair and personal care products and perfumes to the Maltese retail market. Today, the root of their success is the excellent relationship that they have nurtured with their suppliers and a good understanding of the local market trends. They boast of having the top brands in the hair and personal care segment of the market, with namely Suave Hair & Personal Care products by Unilever US and Finesse Hair Care by Lornamead UK. Other top brands they distribute are, Gerard’s Cosmetics Italy which is an extensive range of skincare and professional beauty treatment products, Prestige Cosmetics Italy, Clean & Easy depilatory products and GENA Manicure & Pedicure products for both retail and professional use, Ponzini Hair brushes and Toothbrushes of Italy as well as a fashionable range of top quality ear piercing products from Inverness U.S.A. IBD Professional Nails and LashBeLong semi-permanant eyelash extensions have been recent additions to their brand portofolio. Their offices and warehouses are centrally located in the town of Gzira and from where on a daily bases they service over 600 clients ranging from Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Beauty Salons & Spas, Perfumary Shops and grocery stores.

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